Our History


The company Loti Rettifiche of Tirali Quinto is established on a 50 square meters rented surface, with two machine tools and one customer only.


The company moves to the current headquarters and is subjected to expansion and reorganisation. A new corporate change is registered: Tirali Quinto di L. Tirali & C. Snc.


New services are added to our offer, among them ceramic coating, metallisation and flame spraying. The company Plasma Coating s.r.l. is bought. The second generational transition takes place and the workshop is expanded again. The PV installation is realised for supplying our machineries with green energy.


The increase in orders and customers leads to the workshop expansion, passing from 50 to 1,000 square meters. The company success goes with the first generational transition: Tirali Quinto evolves in Tirali Quinto & Figli Snc.


The continuous economic growth leads the company to reach new goals. The number of customers increases and the factory expansion follows.


The company is equipped with a Zeiss metrology room. Investments in talents and research are reconfirmed in order to satisfy the more and more heterogeneous customers. We move toward the international market, especially in Germany.

We are carrying Tirali Quinto's dream on since half a century: to run a mechanical workshop specialised in grinding and coating processes, in order to grant the industrial sector ambitions better than anyone else.


2,200 square meters of indoor area, shared by offices, warehouses and a mechanical workshop. 2,000 square meters of indoor surface for goods handling and parking lots. 22 last generation units for grinding, coating, lapping, metallisation workings.


650 customers spread in the North of Italy and in the rest of the Country. 9 production operators, 1 quality operator, 2 administrative clerks. These are the numbers telling Tirali Quinto history. A history beginning in the distant 1966, when there was just a little 50 square meters mechanical workshop, with one customer only and just 2 machine tools.


Tirali Quinto has never stopped growing since then. During the years we have accomplished thousands of orders for companies based in Brescia and its surroundings and more, without giving up to more difficult tasks from the logistic point of view.


The continuous and constant research of more and more improved technologies has allowed us to develop a very high level production department, meanwhile establishing important relationships with leading companies who share our same passion for challenges.


Always at the forefront, with the will of bettering the customer's service, we have extended our tasks in order to include the whole range of workings referred to the internal production cycle, from steel purchase to anti-corrosive treatments, up to goods delivery with express courier, according to the customer's needs. It is in this perspective that the introduction of  Zeiss Contura for CMM Zeiss dimensional certification takes place. A further evidence of our ability to offer global support, even with reference to tests and documents.


Some interesting new elements complete the framework, such as ceramic coating, metallisation, and flame spraying processes. Last but not least the on-site customer support service, realised with our mobile workshop for metallisation workings.


We are currently engaged in strengthening the internal market, with an opening and a research of commercial exchanges and partnerships at European level, keeping a keen eye on Germany and its huge industrial basin.


For those who looks for quality first, Tirali Quinto will continue to represent a reliable and trustworthy reference point, a strategic partner of any successful business development policy.



Feasibility is our essential principle.

Every single solution is conceived for the single customer and developed according to strict quality standards.

The result? Products passing the most rigid measurement tests.


Modern machineries and advanced technologies represent the basic principles of our daily work. A perfect mix that allows us to significantly reduce costs, wastes of time and mistakes, thus guaranteeing the maximum benefit to our customers.


50 years of experience are our best feather in our cap.

From shipbuilding to aeronautics, we accomplish big and little projects with our great expertise, which has never been so vast as it is today.


Video introduction

A selection of pictures referred to our most important workings, realised on behalf of our Italian and Europe customers.

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