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Industrial grinding processes represent Tirali Quinto core business. Specifically, we realise the following grinding processes, with the related maximum weights and diameters:


Surface grinding: 3,000 x 650 x 700 max – 1,800 x 650 max diameter

Internal grinding: from Ø 8 to Ø 1,800 – max weigh Kg. 10,000

External grinding: from Ø 3 to Ø 1,600 – max weigh Kg. 10,000

Lapping: from Ø  5 to Ø 300.

Splined profiles grinding: from Ø  20 to Ø 150


Our staff is currently organised as follows:


 • 9 production operators

 • 1 quality operator

 • 2 administrative clerks

 • 1 cleaner

Tirali Quinto is also specialised in coating processes realised with the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) spray coating technique and in metallisation and flame spraying treatments for ensuring a better resistance to wear, corrosion and weather.


CMM ZEISS Dimensional Certificates, realised with Zeiss Contura machinery, complete the offer, with the aim of fastening the products test procedures and give the customer a high profile final result, together with its quality certifications.


Moreover, our mobile workshop is employed for on-site support services and equipped so as to satisfy all or almost all check and repair tasks.


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Surface grinding

Tangential or front finishings of plane surfaces according to the highest quality standards.

Internal and external grinding

Flexibility and attention to details for a wide range

of external and internal grinding processes.


Spotlessly clean surfaces thanks to lapping processes realised with the most powerful abrasives.

Dimensional Certifications (CMM ZEISS)

Accurate measurements with Zeiss Contura machinery for your dimensional certifications.

Splined profiles grinding

Gears, splined shafts, splined hubs: the complete range of splined profiles grinding processes.

Certified Quality

 • Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

 • SQS and IQnet certifying bodies.


We apply a strict product control during handling, packaging, stocking, storage and delivery phases. All our measurement instruments are supervised, calibrated and submitted to regular maintenance.

With reference to the company processes, they are divided into 5 main areas::


 • Sales

 • Supplies

 • Production

 • Administration

 • Operating resources


Quality means also to collaborate with selected partners, who allow us to offer fully equipped supplies with all the related mechanical particulars, based on the customer's drawing or sample.


Ceramic coating

The innovation of ceramic and plasma coating, together with last generation technology.

HVOF coating processes

Our coatings realised with the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) spray coating technique.

Metallisation and Thermal Spray Coating

Metallisation and flame coating processes, protective and anti-corrosive treatments from A  to Z.

Our Reference Sectors




Grinding, coating and lapping processes for aircraft and prototypes of the military and civil sectors





Floating bushes, particulars and workings for the automotive sector













A wide range of applications dedicated to shipbuilding and naval industry.













Food steel components for the whole food & wine supply chain.














We are at the forefront in providing grinding and coating services for the rubber industry












Earthworks and Transfer


Bushes and axle shafts of different diameter, with dimensional certification




Die casting Machineries


Splined shafts, mandrel, piston rod, container caps and accessories for die casting













Very high-precision finishings on morara and components for tractors and agricultural machineries













More essential products for textile and clothing manufacturing.













From rollers for rotary printing presses, to cylinders for printers, we process thousands of pieces for the graphic industry









From aeronautics to agriculture, from food to textile, from graphic to automotive.

So many sectors for a single goal: to satisfy our customers at out best.
















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